Friday, March 21, 2008

Hitting the slopes

And I mean that in the most literal sense - more on that later.

For my Xmas present, Keshava arranged a trip to a local ski park, Flumserberg, which we could access by train. We had a ski instructor for the morning, however, he quickly became my new best friend and K was off to the intermediate slopes without me.

This was the second time I had ever skied. And the first time was 14 years ago. Due to the heroic efforts of the instructor, I actually only fell once, but when I did, it was spectacular. I fell getting on the magic carpet - a ski lift for babies. The kid behind me was 18months old. And as I lay there on the snow, I had the humiliating opportunity to watch my poles go up the hill without me.

All and all is was a fun day. The alps are beautiful and the weather was glorious that day. We took a gondola ride to 2200 meters and got to watch three para-jumpers throw themselves off the mountain and float way. In the meantime, someone absconded with Keshavas skis and while he was not able to ski in the afternoon, the culprit kindly returned them to the ski rental place so that we did not have to pay.

I am fairly confident that I will never be able to ski, but Keshava is determined and has already gone a second time. Maybe some of it will eventually rub off on me...

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